Something always steals me away.
But you are there every morning- in the mist rising from earth.
I lose you.
I find you.
Oh that I would never lose you.

The glow in a child’s eyes.
The burning passion in an explorer’s soul.
The beauty of art and music and poetry- soaring in that which we can’t express.
The joy of the undiscovered.

You make life magical on mundane days.
Are like a cool cloth on the forehead of hell days.

You are my delight, my joy, my love!
That I would never leave you behind- when others say I should have long outgrown you.
That I would never forget the glory of you- Wonder.

On Tuesday Night

On Tuesday night, an explosion happened.
In my heart.

A combustion of so much.

Mourning filled my heart.
Mourning for the country I know and love.
Mourning for condition of our heart.

Longing filled my heart.
Longing with my forefathers for a land free from tyranny, depravity, and persecution.
Longing for a wide and spacious land where freedom flows like milk and justice as honey.
But where else can I go? There is no other undiscovered land of promise.
My country, ’tis of thee, Sweet Land of liberty was the last place to stand.

Resolve filled my heart.
Resolve that I cannot give up. I can never give up.
I will fight for America. I will fight for righteousness, justice, and truth to fill our land again.
I will stand with the resolve of Wilberforce– and fight though it may cost my whole life.

Aching filled my heart. A heavenly ache.
Soon, oh so soon, I will be with Him!
Trying hard to focus on the task ahead but my heart will always be caught up with Him.
Just a little while longer, Jesus! Just a little while!
Hasten the day!