Inhaler For The Introvert

Sediment settles in my soul.
Choking out life.

Everything they say. Everything they want from me.
Everything I give- always more needed.

Sediment settles in my soul.
Choking out my life, choking out my very breath.
I have nothing left to give.
I can’t breathe.

I need a long deep drag.
No- a blasting is more like it.

Hide me away from everyone, from every entreating voice and every demanding hand.
Just for a minute.

Be my Inhaler-

Fill my lungs.
Dispel every stifling.
Shake out every corner of my soul.
Like a dusty sheet blasted with the Breath of Life.

Blast me, God, ’til all that remains is Your River of Life and Pleasure forevermore.

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