What is the thing that makes your soul come alive?

For too long we live in the grey. Going through the motions and embracing the humdrum as our destiny. But what about passion? What about fire? What about a red hot life- and not the tepid grey?

How long will you wait? Until your loans are paid off? Until you meet Mr. Right? Until your kids leave home? Until all the pieces fit right? To wait is to lie. Lie to yourself. You aren’t really going to do it. You just tell yourself you’re waiting because you are afraid. Afraid of failing. Afraid of hard work. Afraid of looking stupid. Afraid of what they think. Afraid of losing “security”. Afraid of making a mistake.

But the worst mistake? To never try at all.

You might fail. No- you will fail. A lot. But you will also be succeeding every day as you put away your pen, lay down your bow, clean your brushes, and hang up your apron. You will succeed with the knowledge that you won today’s fight. You won by showing up.

So show up today. There’s a war you were meant to wage.

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