You Think You Know

Crowds all around me, streaming with fluidity.
All so close, but far.
So many faces, smiling at me.
But they don’t really see me.

In familiarity and the security of association real knowing is lost.
You think you know me- but you really don’t.

I’m tired. Tired of trying to be Little Miss Sunshine.
Tired of looking interested.
Tired of asking questions.
Tired of listening.
Tired of investing.
Tired of giving.
Tired when it feels you don’t even care.

Don’t forget that I’m a person, too.
Don’t forget that I want to be known just as you.

Every Time

Every time I hide away to carve out my name, Yours comes out.
Every time I set to make my own display, You divert me away-
away with Your incomparable majesty.

You enchant me. Mesmerize me. Intoxicate me.
Take my thoughts far away to another dimension.
This life here seems of such smallness- next to the life You let me glimpse.

Bucket lists of awe and wonder could never compare.
A thousand National Geographic adventures could never dare come close.

Your life is altogether otherworldly, altogether separate, altogether glorious.

Intoxicate me, catch me up again and again, every time, oh Beautiful One!
Never let me get away with just being me.