Prime Real Estate

3,500 square feet.
Vintage oak beams.
Granite counters and great rooms.
Great Rooms.
What makes a room so great anyway?
(The people in it.)

4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms.
Hand brushed nickel.
Vaulted ceilings and prime location.
Prime Location.
What makes a location so prime anyway?
(The proximity to love.)

This potluck of plaster and stone and beams.
This place for which we sweat and bleed and break our backs.
This image we strive for in living display.
A blessing.
But always remember- people make a home. 

2 thoughts on “Prime Real Estate

  1. Elyce, WRITE A BOOK!!!!!! that’s beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’d like to write that out and frame it! See, quick get it printed up!!!

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