Top Ten Reasons I’m Thrilled to No Longer Be Pregnant

Being pregnant was an exciting journey. Lots of special moments, anticipation, rest. But now that I am prego no more, the list of reasons that I’m thrilled to no longer be pregnant has multiplied exponentially.

1) I can now run without my boobs smacking me in the face.

2) I no longer feel like a foie gras goose being fattened for the slaughter. It’s hard to reach your daily caloric goal when someone is kicking you in the gut!

3) Upon meeting me, people can stop staring at my belly. They can look me in the eye. Oh wait, that doesn’t happen anymore after you have a baby. Now they just look at your cute baby! πŸ˜‰

4) Those same people can also stop touching my stomach.

5) Buh-bye varicose veins.

6) I am done defining “mucus plug” for my husband.

7) Liberation from pregnancy pant panels.

8) Au revoir to laughing leakage.

9) No more tossing and turning for me- I now get deep sleep every night! Ha! Yah right. Did I mention I have a newborn?! Oh- and can you ask me again if my 9-week-old is sleeping through the night? πŸ˜‰

10) And last but not least, the truest and sincerest of reasons that I am thrilled to no longer be pregnant: I now get to hold Little Girl in my arms!

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