High Time

TreIt’s high time I said hello.

Sorry it’s been so long. Life has been……the same…always changing…dearly beloved…the hardest thing ever. The last few months have given me days filled with laughing babies, constant responsibilities, spiritual battles I never thought I’d face, and saplings of hope. Such a juxtaposition it’s been. But isn’t that life?

I’d like to write more. I am most myself when I write, processing my thoughts, documenting lessons learned, sharing unsteady-on-their-feet dreams.

So I’ll start today.

The thought:

I love that God created a world of order. I love the rhythm of 24 hours, the coming and going and coming again of seasons, the ebb and flow of life. But most of all, I love that life always comes back to Him. He’s there, in my heart. I can feel His love most when I close my eyes and don’t say a single thing.

The lesson:

When my eyes are thus closed, He’s smiling at me. For a long, long time I thought He was scowling. Telling me I always ruined everything. But I am starting to think differently. In part, because of a great group of friends. They seem to believe that God loves me. And if they believe that, perhaps it can be true. Even now, even then, even always.

The dream:

Edged with England and tea and quiet writing rooms and cellos and a warmth of spirit, my dreams are always cozy. But I am also starting to dream about making a difference- through those very comforts. To cheer a weary soul with a chat and cup of tea, to bring healing to a heart through literature and music- in a way that another lecture cannot do, to help set others free through the bedrock of God’s fidelity.

And you, how have you been, friends? I miss you.


4 thoughts on “High Time

  1. When I close my eyes I literally picture myself laying in the grass at the feet of Jesus. There are no feelings except safety and peace. And he is peace, so it fills me completely. I love your words. They remind me, that whether we are young or old, we all need to remember to run to that safe place ……in his arms.

  2. Beautiful Elyce, I love your thoughts and sweet way of putting them into words. I feel like we are cut of the same cloth…I think so many of the same thoughts you expressed. Let’s have that cup of tea sometime and share some of these things! I also love tea parties…I dream of having one, and have been collecting beautiful cups and saucers for who knows what reason except they are beautiful lol…:) I would love to put them to use! What do you think?

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